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Maintenance and Aftercare

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User Guides

After installing your new system we will demonstrate your new unit to you and provide tips on how to use it most effectively and efficiently.


We have user guides available. 


You should regularly clean the filters in your system/heat pump. In addition we recommend servicing your system professionally every 1-2 years.


Contact us for a quote to service your system.

Regularly maintained and clean systems work better and more efficiently. 

Repairs and Faults

If you encounter a problem with your system, give us a call.  Sometimes we can talk you through fixes over the phone, or we may come out to run some diagnostic tests.


We will discuss any repairs necessary with you. 


All new air conditioning systems/heat pumps come with a warrantee.


Contact us if you experience any problems and if it is a warrantee issue we will liaise with the manufacturer/supplier and resolve the issue.

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